games are cool

and so is game design, games research, graphic design, programming, ai, music production, acting, and art

so that is what i do



My name is Joseph (or Joe) and I am a games researcher working in and around game design, game learning design, and learning in competitive team-versus-team games. My interests lie in how design enables and facilitates learning of games such as controls, rules, tactics, strategies, and even broader game-focused domains such as community language and memes.

I am currently undertaking my PhD at the University of York as part of the Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence (IGGI) Programme. My thesis focuses on learning in competitive team-versus-team esports games and ways in which end-user design could be used to bring in the community for developing content to help teach other players.

Previously, I studied Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol where I discovered the joys and woes of programming, the theoretical underpinnings of many machine learning algorithms, and even developed some AI too. Bristol was where I started improvised and scripted acting, as well as guitar and music production.

Outside of academic work, I like to design my own games and build paper or virtual prototypes. As well as practice guitar, I also do some graphic design work on the side.





For any inquiries or even just to chat, please get in touch!